CS343H: Honors Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2024
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Course Logistics

Lecture: 8:30-10:00am, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: UTC 4.134
Discussion Forum: Please subscribe to our class Ed Discussion page.

Course Textbook

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, by Russell and Norvig
Note: You need the 3rd Edition (Blue cover) published by Pearson


Upper-division standing in CS.
Comfort with probability theory is expected.


Yuke Zhu
OH: By appointment
Office: GDC 3.422

Course Assistant

Huihan Liu
Location: TBD

Learning Objective

There are three primary objectives for the course:

  • To provide a broad survey of AI and Intelligent Systems;
  • To develop a deeper understanding of several major topics in AI;
  • To develop the design and programming skills that will help you to build intelligent artifacts.
  • The course is designed to present a solid entry point to the field of artificial intelligence. It will provide the foundation to go on to take other upper division AI courses. For those students with interest, it could possibly lead to subsequent research opportunities.

    Course Content

    There is no generally accepted definition of artificial intelligence. Some that have been proposed include:

  • The science of getting computers to do the things they can't do yet.
  • Finding fast algorithms for NP-hard problems.
  • Getting computers to do the things they do in the movies.
  • This course provides a broad introduction to artificial intelligence. Topics include:

  • problem solving, including search and game playing
  • knowledge and reasoning, including inference
  • planning
  • reasoning under uncertainty
  • machine learning