CS 343 Programming Assignment Submission Instructions

  • What to submit:
    • A single zip file, cs343-{assignment number}-{assignment name}.zip (e.g., cs343-0-tutorial.zip), on Canvas.
  • Files to include in zip file:
    • The files that are required in the assignment's description. Please use comments appropriately across your code.
    • A short README.txt file that specifies:
      • Your name and UT EID.
      • A brief description (no more than a paragraph or so) that includes the main ideas of your implementation and thought process behind it.
      • If you have a partner, their name and UT EID.
  • Additional zip file instructions:
    • If you work together with someone, only one person should submit the assignment with both partners' names and EIDs in the README.
    • Place your files in a single folder inside the archive. Everything in the original zip must be in the zip you submit. Don't just zip up the files you changed and submit them.
    • The zipfile should expand into a folder called cs343-{assignment number}-{assignment name}/ (i.e., not into the current directory).
    • The zipfile should contain all of the original files in addition to the files you are required to modify (in other words, we should be able to cd into your zip folder and run python autograder.py and have it work).
    • If you modify any of the provided files (e.g., if you want to upgrade everything to Python 3), please make a note of it somewhere (e.g., in the README).
    Here is the code we run to grade your assignment (zip and folder names changed appropriately; master contains a clean version of the provided code):
    unzip cs343-0-tutorial.zip
    diff -bur cs343-0-tutorial/ master/
    cd cs343-0-tutorial/
    python autograder.py